Fire is an element that has guided man since the dawn of time. No other heat source can give us as much as fire can. Fire awakens the passion inside of us and also it can be calming. Fire brings us relaxation and invites contemplation. Fire is a reason for gathering; it inspires us to talk and also to maintain silence. Once you have accepted fire as your fellow, it will stay with you forever. Fire is a life long friend, this is exactly how we perceive and approach it.


Our studio and workshop were originally founded in 1993 although the traditional craft is much older, as it has been passed down from father to son. Our manufacturing procedure stands the test of time, with our original fireplace inserts and stoves as well as the unique way we build a fully functional open fireplace, are kept as close as family silver. We consider every order a personal one. We are truly here for you, providing you with our experience and technical background when projecting and building your fireplace or stove also later during its use. We provide a lifelong warranty confirming that we strongly believe in dedicating the best quality to every piece of our work.