original Horanek

Our studio and workshop were originally founded in 1993 although the traditional craft is much older, as it has been passed down from father to son. Our manufacturing procedure stands the test of time, with our original fireplace inserts and stoves as well as the unique way we build a fully functional open fireplace, are kept as close as family silver. We consider every order a personal one. We are truly here for you, providing you with our experience and technical background when projecting and building your fireplace or stove also later during its use. We provide a lifelong warranty confirming that we strongly believe in dedicating the best quality to every piece of our work.

About us

Original Horanek fireplaces and stoves are born with a feeling for fire, as well as with the respect for the person and their place, which they were made for. This is the reason why they are always manufactured in close cooperation with you. We believe that you will receive a fireplace or stove, that you will never grow tired of. Whether you decide on an open or closed fireplace, a classic fireplace or the stylish wall insert; perhaps you will choose an open space fireplace, original design stove or you are swept away by your fantasy - in the end it is you and your house that stay our most valuable inspiration, from the first sketches up to the very first lighting of the fire.

Hearths, stoves, fireplaces and grills

For thirty years we have been building original fireplaces and stoves. The word 'original' here represents an individual approach to each piece of work and customer in such a way that the result not only fits into the geometry of the interior, but also carries added artistic value and serves for a lifetime. We usually start from an architect's designs and then try to coordinate all the related technical details from the beginning of the construction to avoid any mistakes, which could often be irreversible. 

Fireplaces equipped with fireplace inserts are built with inserts produced by leading manufacturers on the market as well as with inserts of our own design, which are characterized by the emphasis on the design of the visual part of the insert, quality workmanship and above all atypical dimensions that are not available on the market.

Open fireplaces have the rare charm of providing immediate contact with you. We are one of the few manufacturers who know how to build and size a fireplace so that it works reliably.

We build grills, fireplaces and smokehouses to the customer's exact requirements with a variety of equipment and always in exceptional workmanship of materials and perfect geometry.


In all our projects, a large number of steel elements have to be manufactured with high demands on precision and quality of workmanship. We cut the materials by laser and further form them using a bending press, coiling rollers, lathe and milling machine. We weld under protective atmosphere using MIG MAG and TIG methods. The final level of detail of the product depends mainly on precision and further usually manual processing of joints and surfaces.

Our products are not always limited to fireplaces and stoves. Very often, when contacting customers and architects, we find ourselves in a situation where, in addition to the fireplace, we build other elements for the interior or exterior in the same level of processing.

We work with steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.

Patination and surface finishes

In addition to the standard powder coating (komaxit) in the RAL colour of your choice, we often carry out different surface finishes by patination and bluing. Bluing, or also blackening, is a chemical treatment of steel surfaces to improve appearance and corrosion resistance. Pickling in acids, alkalis or molten salts produces a thin black, brown or dark blue layer of iron oxide. Bluing is therefore not the colouring of an object with varnish or paint, but the chemical passivation of its surface. The protective oxide layer is very thin - on the order of 1 µm. Nevertheless, it is quite resistant and well wettable to oil, with which it forms a good protection against corrosion. Similar pickling and patination is also carried out on brass and copper objects and interior elements.

Designs and technical solutions

The requirements of the customer or architect often stretch the limits of feasibility of either production or installation. This is not technical ignorance, but a natural disconnect between the artist's ideas and the technical details involved. The design is guided by the composition of the surface and the light entering the interior or even the garden. The mass of the products and their correct situation are the prerequisites for the client and their family living a great life in their new house and garden. Every detail should have its purpose. Together with the architect and designers, we regularly look for technical solutions to our builds so that the intention for the final product is not compromised and it is as close as possible to the author's design and vision.